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We are happy to provide these great tips and practical guides on the loving care of your pet. These documents are in Adobe Acrobat Reader "PDF" format and can be opened, viewed and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, freely available from Adobe's website:

Allergies to Food PDF Allergies to Food (320 KB)

Allergies in Summertime PDF Allergies in Summertime (292 KB)

Crate Training PDF Crate Training (308 KB)

Diabetes PDF Diabetes (316 KB)

Feline Housesoiling PDF Feline Housesoiling (316 KB)

Fleas PDF Fleas (316 KB)

Heartworm in Québec PDF Heartworm in Québec (308 KB)

Housetraining Dogs PDF Housetraining Dogs (308 KB)

Hyperthyroid Cats PDF Hyperthyroid Cats (320 KB)

Microchip Locator PDF Microchip Locator for Your Pet (308 KB)

Recommendations for New Pet Owners PDF Our Recommendations for New Pet Owners (328 KB)

Pet's Plea PDF Pet's Plea (296 KB)

Senior Pets PDF Senior Pets (320 KB)

Skunk Odor PDF Skunk Odor (296 KB)

Toxic Plants PDF Toxic Plants (340 KB)

Vaccinations PDF Vaccinations (328 KB)

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