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Jimmie Langill was born in Ottawa, but the family moved to N.D.G. when he was a youngster. Having attended D’Arcy McGee High School, and while a scholar there, he was a member of the school’s all-star football team. Graduating in 1944, Jimmie joined the navy and was a valuable player on the navy hockey team. However he is best remembered for the part he took as a member of the Championship N.D.G. Royals Hockey Team, and later as a member of the Junior Royals.

Although a great lover of sports, he also had always been attracted to animals, so he decided on a career as a veterinarian. With this in mind, he attended the Ontario Veterinary College, upon his discharge from the navy, and after four years of hard work and study, graduated in May 1950 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

While attending O.V.C., in Guelph, Ontario, he met Muriel Goetz, who in December 1949 became Mrs. Langill.

After graduation, Dr. and Mrs. Langill returned to Montreal and the young doctor hunted high and low for an ideal spot to open the hospital of his dreams. Country and fresh surroundings seemed the logical place but the hospital had to be close to the city. Finally the couple hit upon a spot on Cote de Liesse road and decided it was just right, and so in June 1950, the Liesse Animal Hospital for Horses and Small Animals was opened.

Within a few years, Dr. Jim’s business began to flourish. He knew that he had to build a new modern veterinary hospital, for more than one veterinarian, with two examination rooms, a hospital treatment room, an animal ward, an isolation room, and a large sterile surgery. This building opened as a “state of the art veterinary hospital” in 1955. A separate boarding kennel was built as well, to separate the boarders from the sick, hospitalized patients.

During the past 50 years, we have employed many veterinarians, including Dr. Arscott, Dr. Urtnowski, Dr. Baron, Dr. Journet, Dr. Wong, Dr. Papineau-Couture, Dr. Sevigny, Dr. Baker, Dr. Foukal, Dr. Dorfman, Dr. Knopp, and lastly Dr. Bob Langill. We have trained numerous animal technicians, including Nancy, Bev, Sue and Tom. We have seen and treated over 250 thousand animals, of many species. Many of our current clients first came to us as kids, and now come with their own kids. We have a few current clients who have continued to use our services since we opened in 1950.

The five Langill kids grew up working part time in this hospital and kennel. Only Bob decided to apply for vet school, and his wealth of practical experience helped him excel. Bob graduated from O.V.C. on June 5, 1986. Making his father very proud, Dr. Bob started working here right after graduation. Dr. Jim Langill continued to practice for a few more years following Dr. Bob’s appointment, but has now retired from practice. Dr. Bob and wife Wendy have three small children, who will likely all be employed here in the not too distant future.

Debbie Langill, Dr. Bob’s sister, works evenings as our secretary. Debbie is currently on maternity leave, with her third child.

Linda Collyer has worked in this family business for over 20 years. She worked in the pet center as a groomer for 15 years, and is now the most experienced staff member of the hospital lay-staff. Linda breeds and shows Miniature Schnauzers, and is proud of her accomplishments. Linda has two grown children, and became a grandmother on the last day of 1999.

We have had our share of students and volunteers learning at this hospital. Every few years we have a student from Ireland work with us for part of the summer. The animal technician college trains their students in the field, and we have hosted many students over the years. The Beaconsfield High School has used us as a career position on many occasions.

Each and every year we host and open house during Animal Health Week, which is always during Animal Health Week in October. We also host interactive, fun, educational tours of our facilities for school aged children, who come and have a memorable visit with us. Every one is Welcome!

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